Seer claims gold hoard (1000 MT) – UP, India

Nineties had some pretty colorful hindi film songs. One of them was govindas ” it happens only in india”

Not surprisingly then India`s ASI is busy digging at Daundiya Khera village at Unnao in UP, apparently after a seer claimed 1000 MT of gold hoard buried underground there. 

It seems, the hoard belonged to a local gold trader named Ram Bux Singh who owned a jewellery store in the area. It seems in those days ( mid 19th century) wealthy locals / landowners used to call themselves ” Raja”. The British killed him apparently in response to his role in killing of a few British and sinking their ships.

Was just wondering what would have happened had the seer claimed dreaming about untold riches in swiss bank accounts. Would the government have let loose someone on the treasure chest like the ASI has been now? Nothing less than may be our country airforce`s jumbo aircraft would be required to airlift the heavy stuff. 

Had Malgudi Days been running now, this event would surely have found a mention in it.


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