‘Manmohan ki Asha’

Sounds like a good movie title. But yes, that is pretty much how one can describe the situation where our PM seemingly tries, in vain, to reach out to our neighbours extending the handshake of peace. Each time met with a snub, from a neigbour who increasingly has got a measure of our response to situations of terror attacks.

The overtures to our neighbours have long ceased to have even the Yash Chopra movie style romance element, leave alone some degree of rationality, as our neighbour seems increasingly determined to pursue the tactic of trespassing our borders. Repeated attacks have met with meek responses by India. Emboldened, the Pak side, pretty much is emulating the Chinese on our North -Eastern borders, knowing in advance, that the costs of such audacity is almost zilch.

To say that, our side is being brave and acting responsibly, is downright foolish and cowardly. Applause from the international community is certainly followed by laughter in private. National interest is paramount in all countries. Any such tresspassing is dealt with sternly elsewhere. But here it is followed by useless ‘Biryani diplomacy’ or ‘ Cricket diplomacy’.

The weak footing on which the PM stands today is gaining coverage internationally too. What with Sharif’s alleged ‘ Village Woman’ remark to describe Manmohan Singh’s whining to US http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/nawaz-sharif-manmohan-singh-pakistan-pm-indian-pm-dehati-aurat-unga-meet/1/312284.html . Apparently it was made by Sharif at a private gathering with journalist which was chosen not to report by journalists there except one, who commented and reported on his local new channel which even drew mocking laughter but then the report was withdrawn considering the outcry it caused here. Now, the point is not whether the comment was retracted and denied but the audacity of the comment made in the first place.

It is not surprising considering the ever diminishing stature of the PM even here. His approval ratings would barely be in positive territory now. With just 6 months remaining to his tenure and the prospect of another term an impossibility time is running out for Manmohan and it would be his asha to salvage his lost pride and credibility.


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