Sinister minds, sinister designs

Indian politician could perfectly be in fitment of the above. Recent events in Muzzarfarnagar, UP might suggest so. According to wikipedia

Another version of what happened is here

What seemingly started as a small incident turned into a full blown riot between the Jats and Muslims who are the major communities of the area one could see the RLD (who have a Jat loyalty) and a combination of the BSP, SP and the Congress (all of whom seek the Muslim vote) trying to earn brownie points.

One is absolutely shocked to see political leaders (in one of the video exposes of a tv news channel) of all the major parties like BSP, SP and the Congress and BJP instigating a gathering by giving hate speeches.

The BSP guy is actually a sitting MP ranting away inciting violence.

These riots are Akhilesh’s and the SP’s version of the 2002 riots in Gujarat and could prove costly in the elections. They also prove another thing that every political party is communal. They will go to any extent to gain votes. With general elections fast approaching political parties will very soon get into top gear in preparations for the same.


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