Worst Indian government ever? Well atleast the germans think so..

The Germans seem to be exasperated with India’s shabby and substandard governance. Apparently, a brussels-based European Commission Standing Committee on Global Foreign Direct Investments had last week listed some top 20 destinations which the EU would be targeting for the next five years. Not surprisingly, India does not figure in the list.

This piece in BL summarises what the german media thinks about us http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/opinion/indias-never-had-it-so-bad/article5093685.ece

Following are few summary bullet points;

— Ineffective prime minister

— Corruption in highest levels government

— Increasing crime, especially against women

— Defunct parliament

One of the articles talk about how India could qualify as a failed state. Well, it might be bit of an exaggeration but it reflects the pain at seeing a country with such potential frittering it all away. I think the biggest damage the current regime has done is to undermine the authority of the PM. The PM had always been a position that every Indian used to look upto. But he is the butt of sms jokes and television parodies and comic shows.


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