Intern death at BoFAML

On August 15, 2013, a German intern at BoFAML International Investment banking unit in London died, apparently due to exhaustion after working through the night for 8 consecutive nights, returning home only to have a shower.

More of it here

Apparently an exchange student at U of Michigan, he was described as the ‘superstar of the internship programme’. Over ambitious and aggresive, he probably got carried away in his effort to impress his supervisor and company. Elementary orientation on the importance of ‘work life balance’ could have helped. May be thats too much to expect as interns are known to be bullied, pushed around by companies and generally treated like trash.

No different in this case, it reflects very poorly on the company where he was interning and especially the supervisor who didnt see this coming.

It very sad that a young life has been snuffed out just because he wanted to secure a job.


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