Politics over Soldier deaths

Shock has given way to numbness by now over the way the Indian Govt’s response to numerous terrorist attacks, border tresspasses and attacks on Indian consulates abroad.

Past week was witness to two of the above mentioned events; Pakistani army in collusion with about 20 terrorists attacked and killed 5 Indian soldiers. Also, few days ago, Terrorists struck near the Indian consulate in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-08-10/india/41265507_1_suicide-attack-suicide-vest-afghan-policeman Although,there were no casualties in the consulate as an alert police officer of the local police foiled the attack, there were unfortunately 9 deaths, most of them of children, when a suicide bomber blew himself apart.

Sample these responses from the Indian side after the Army came out with a strongly worded press release stating terrorists alongside Pak Army’s Border Action Team (same outfit which beheaded Indian soldiers back in January this year) soliders were behind the killings. India’s defence minister Mr. Antony actually refutes his own army by stating that it was the handiwork of ‘persons dressed in pak army uniform’, thus in stroke acquitting the Pak Army of any wrong doing. The Prime Minister didnt even bother offering even his by now token condolences. An idiot minister in the cabinet of Nitish Kumar actually goes on to say ‘soldiers and police officers are meant to die’.

Sample these reponses from the Pakistani side. PM Nawaz Sharif defends his army. According to Wikipedia, the Pakistani Foreign Office had summoned the Deputy Indian High Commissioner in Islamabad during which a protest note was handed on the “unprovoked Indian attack” and the Government of India “was strongly urged to take appropriate measures to avoid recurrence of such incidents in the future.” Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar said to the media that she was “unpleasantly surprised” by India’s accusations. She further said that “Pakistan’s government and its people have demonstrated a deep and abiding commitment to normalize and improve relations with India and to really start a journey of trust-building.”

MJ Akbar has this to say http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/TheSiegeWithin/entry/after-pak-piracy-an-indian-conspiracy

Pakistan had stopped in officially engaging India after the debacle in 1971 and adopted the doctrine of ‘Death by thousant cuts’. It has been fairly successful in executing this plan. It strikes at will, knowing very well eventually nothing going to happen to them. It knows that weak leadership prevents India from doing anything. The numerous attacks till date are testimony to it. The Indian establishment hardly ever responds beyond the customary condolences. When public opinion / outcry gains momentum it is shouted down by the ‘doves’ who call it ‘war mongering’. Those idiots dont realise that a response doesnt have to be necessarily narrowed down to a binary: War or no war with Pakistan. This can be achieved by other means. Similar to what China pursues against India.

How many more deaths (army jawans as well as civilian) would it take for the government to stop politicising this issue. Clearly, the Indian government’s foreign policy failure alongside its economic policy failure is another feather in their the cap.


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