Change of tactics by key political players

MidnightBreakfast had earlier looked at the mud slinging match between the two principal parties with their respective party men indulging in making ridiculously silly, frivolous and sometimes even downright dangerous statements especially when BJP’s election campaign chief and prime ministerial candidate was involved. Had referred to the election strategy which dictated this behaviour.

Gujarat CM Narendra Modi’s entry in the race for the country’s top job seems to have set the cat among the pigeons and political participants are scurrying for cover. Development and good governance plank seems to have been abandoned and they are back to the old politics based on religion.

Election anxiety, thus seems to be getting the better of people like Nitish Kumar as also Akhilesh Yadav. Shekhar Gupta talks about this ‘repositioning’ of these two leaders in an interesting piece in the Indian Express

Both Nitish and Akhilesh had this pro – development image and it is this that helped Akhilesh gain power and Nitish retain power. Recent development seem to be pointing to a changing stance.


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