Gareth Bale – Human or God?

Gareth Bale has been at the centre of all transfer gossips for the past few weeks.

He has been strongly linked with a move to Real to be a Galactico from Tottenham in a record breaking deal.

 Real Madrid are said to have agreed to pay around 85 million euros plus a player to Tottenham but the North London club are adamant to sell the player for not less than 105 million euros. Either way the deal will break the world record which is currently held by the Ronaldo deal worth 80 million euros which Real Madrid had paid to Manchester United.

But the question remains that is Gareth Bale worth such an astronomical amount?

To answer this Midnightbreakfast has made some interesting comparisons of the proposed transfer fees with the valuations and wages of major sports leagues and players around the globe.

Stadiums across the world:

Bale’s transfer fees would eclipse the cost of major sports stadiums across the globe. It is quite absurd that a player is been valued at a price greater than a stadium. For example state of the art Juventus stadium having the best of technologies is valued around $132 million


According to the various valuations carried out the Bale fees would be more than the valuation of 12 EPL clubs who will play in the league in 2013-2014 season

MLS: Major League Soccer

Gareth Bale will be more valuable than all the football teams in the MLS with Los Angeles Galaxy being the most valued at $100 million

NFL: National Football league

In the NFL the salary cap for all teams is $123 million for 2013 season which is less than the value of Gareth Bale


NBA is considered to be one of the most glamorous sports league in the world and the players playing in the league for various teams are considered as one of the best paid in the world. Yet the combined salary of the top 7 salaried players in NBA (including Kobe Bryant etc.) is less than the value of Bale.

MLB: Major League Baseball

The value of Bale is more than most of the Baseball league clubs with only Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, and Philadelphia Phillies more valued than the Tottenham star.

IPL: Indian Premiere League

IPL is the most valued and costliest cricket league in the world. Apart from Pune Warriors ($350 million) all other teams were bought at a price less than the value of Gareth Bale, The brand value of all IPL teams is far less than Bale with the highest value being $45 million of KKR.

Arsene Wenger has labelled this valuation as a joke to the Financial Fair Play rule introduced to prevent the rich clubs from getting an advantage over the lesser clubs.

We agree that Gareth Bale is a special talent, but is the 100 million euros price tag for him justified?


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