Transfer Window – The Gareth Bale Saga

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks in the football circle.

There have been several rumours and actual transfers also linking many players to various football clubs around the globe.

The Gareth Bale saga has hit the transfer window like a gale. Bale is been linked to Real Madrid in a record breaking £86 million in hard cash plus Modric or Maria or even Morata and Coentro from Madrid going to White Hart Lane in return.

He single handedly helped Spurs to qualify for Champions League last season. Bale is a right winger but can play attacking football. In Real, he is expected to team up with Ronaldo who would play in Left wing position, an ideal combination..

Bale was purchased in 2007 from Southampton by Spurs with a clause that they would get 2% of future deal involving Gareth Bale (which was earlier @ 15%, however since they were cash strapped they agreed for a lower amount). Theo Walcott was bought by Arsenal. However, Arsene Wenger was initially thinking about buying Bale.

Apart from this the biggest transfer stories have been linked to Manchester United who have now made a club record bid for Barcelona midfielder Fabregas. They are also in news for a speculative move of star striker Ronney away from Old Trafford.

Arsenal have been in the news as well with their continued interest in Liverpool striker Suarez.

As usual the transfer window has lived up to the expectations of throwing surprises and gossips to keep the fans guessing.

Transfer window seems to be having more speculation than financial markets. Let us wait and watch to see what unfolds in the coming weeks.


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