The power is yours!

I dont know how many how you remember the above punchline of ‘Captain Planet’ from the cartoon series ‘Captain Planet and the Planeteers’, which ran in the nineties.

The cartoon series basically revolved around a group of children from different parts of the globe, possessing rings representing different elements of nature as also one ring which represents the element of heart. These rings are sent by mother earth herself after she realises that the damage caused by man to mother nature is extensive. These children who are known by the name of Planeteers are tasked by mother earth to defend herself from destruction caused by man.

Now there are situations where the Planeteers are unable to handle alone. In such situations , they combine their rings which leads to the emergence of Captain Planet who possesses the various powers of the planeteers but on a much larger scale. After having beaten the bad guys who harm the planet Captain Planet returns to the earth from he had emerged reminding us that the ‘Power is Yours!’.

Now, this program initiated me to the environmental concerns facing our globe. I remember how it used to run on the erswhile cartoon network in the afternoons. Incidentally, according media reports, Sony Pictures plans to make it into a movie.

Eagerly awaiting the release..


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